Accreditation and Quality Assurance


Oil Spill Contractors Accreditation Schemes

Microclean Environmental was the first Irish Registered Company to gain accreditation under the UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme. Microclean has attained top class accreditation for On-land (spills which have contaminated land) and Groundwater (water in the saturated zone and aquifers).

Microclean is also accredited under the International Spill Association Accreditation Scheme.  Microclean has attained top class accreditation for On-land (spills which have contaminated land) and Groundwater (water in the saturated zone and aquifers).

About the Accreditation Associations

Both accreditation schemes were formed specifically to improve the standards of oil spill response.They are non-profit making organisations with any surplus funds being used to improve the standards of service offered. The Associations offer accreditation for spills in the marine environment, ports, harbours and shorelines. Spills on inland waterways - rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, streams. Spills onto the ground spills from domestic central heating tanks, underground pipelines, road traffic accidents and spills onto the groundwater. The International Spill Accreditation Association is sponsored by SEPA, The Environment Agency, The Environment and Heritage Service and supported by the EPA.

Benefits of Accreditation to Client

Accreditation gives an assurance to the client that the competence of the contractor has been independently verified. It gives an assurance that the contractor’s compliance with local legislation and insurance arrangements have been checked. Accreditation ensures that the contractor has in place a system for carrying out site risk assessment and has adequate client liaison procedures. It gives you access to UK spill contractors to request a site visit to ensure that the work being done is cost-effective and gives you access to the UK spill contractor’s complaints procedure.

Quality Assurance

waste water oil contaimationMicroclean Environmental employs a comprehensive policy and system of customer care and quality assurance. Microclean work to and respect the wishes of the client. Every element of the remediation process including the investigations, remediation, monitoring and re-instatement is fully reported. Furthermore, quality questionnaires are forwarded to each client in which they are invited to comment on each element of the remediation process. All returned questionnaires are reviewed and all procedures are assessed in line with the comments received.

To ensure that Microclean Environmental remains appraised of latest technologies and remediation techniques we have enrolled as corporate members of the Energy Institute. The company undertakes numerous scientific research projects to maintain diversity and enhance the skills and expertise achieved through over ten years experience in the field of investigation and remediation of oil pollution.

water drain oil spill contaminationMicroclean has been involved in many remedial projects wherein Enterprise Ireland has been retained as independent consultants and Microclean has consistently achieved Enterprise Ireland's indoor VOC guidelines for domestic properties. Independent reports supplied by Enterprise Ireland can be supplied for verification of this.  

Oil Spill Clean Up

oil spill from broken oil tank

Microclean is the longest established oil remediation specialist in Ireland and has never failed to successfully remediate  any oil pollution incident we have been called into.

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Research & Development

environmental inspection of oil spill

To enable Microclean to remain at the forefront of the oil remediation industry we invest in research and development projects to develop and enhance our remedial systems.

Research & Development [+]

Products & Services

inspection of oil spill into water drainage system

Since 1997 Microclean has expanded its fields of expertise and offers full and comprehensive consultancy services as well as fully accredited oil remediation services

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