Products & Services - Specialist Treatment of Oil & Petroleum based Contamination

Since 1997 Microclean has expanded its fields of expertise and now offers full and comprehensive site investigation facilities Including:

  • Initial site reconnaissance
  • Assessment and advice
  • 24 hour fully trained emergency response team
  • Detailed sampling strategies and consultancy services
  • Dedicated drilling equipment
  • VOC probe surveys and on-site laboratory facilities
  • Fully qualified site investigation personnel specialising in the fields of environmental engineering
  • On-site specialist assessment of soil and groundwater samples
  • The independent analysis of samples retrieved by I.L.A.B. and U.K.A.S accredited laboratory
  • Detailed site investigation reports complete with recommendations
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment of sites
  • Detailed and comprehensive remedial strategies
  • Comprehensive monitoring programmes
  • Completion reports together with necessary certificates and independent laboratory analysis


In addition, Microclean can draw on the expertise of its engineering section when devising and implementing remediation programmes inside and beside buildings, factories, dwellings and permanent structures.


Microclean's 24-hour Response Team


Microclean's 24-hour emergency response team consists of equipment and personnel that can be mobilised to assess the damage thereby allowing the implementation of containment measures to control the spread of the pollution.

The team consists of an environmental scientist, plumber and groundwork and construction team.

As with all cases of oil spillages the source of the pollution is identified and immediate measures are undertaken to isolate the source thereby mitigating the loss and damage.

The implementation of containment measures such as recovery trenches and wells allows the site investigation team time to undertake a thorough investigation to plot the vertical and horizontal extent of the damage.

Pursuant upon the results of the investigation a site-specific remedial programme can be devised and implemented.



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Oil Spill Clean Up

oil spill from broken oil tank

Microclean is the longest established oil remediation specialist in Ireland and has never failed to successfully remediate  any oil pollution incident we have been called into.

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Research & Development

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To enable Microclean to remain at the forefront of the oil remediation industry we invest in research and development projects to develop and enhance our remedial systems.

Research & Development [+]