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Septic Tank

environmental research of contaminated waste waterSeptic Tank; Microclean Environmental has worked on a project with the QUESTOR Centre, Queens University, Belfast, under the FUSION scheme ran by Intertrade Ireland, to develop a novel domestic waste water treatment system. The implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive has imposed more stringent discharge requirements on domestic wastewater treatment systems, than those previously in place, thus the need for novel more advanced technology. The final system will incorporate a microbiological inoculum supplied by Microclean that will enhance the treatment process. A pilot-scale system has been designed, constructed and tested on site. The trials revealed significant effluent strength reductions over a 3-month period, to levels below the anticipated treatment standard. Further trials on a full scale model are due to start in 2005.



Microclean Environmental in association with MCE Technology Inc. and in conjunction with Radiane/Enterprise Ireland carried out research and development on a bacteria-based product to eliminate/degrade certain specific elements of slurry that have allegedly contributed to the eutrophication of Ireland's waters. Research was also carried out to determine the most effective means of applying the product in animal houses/slurry tanks, thus eliminating a considerable environmental threat and heightening the competitiveness of Irish Farming.



Microclean Environmental has carried out extensive technical and scientific research in the area of spent mushroom compost recycling and oil contaminated soil remediation, in such a way as to produce an organic-based compost or quality topsoil for commercial sale. Microclean Environmental Ltd and Unimush Ireland received support from Co-Operation Ireland under the EU Programme for Peace & Reconciliation to establish a new, central soil reclamation and composting facility in Northern Ireland.

Oil Spill Clean Up

oil spill from broken oil tank

Microclean is the longest established oil remediation specialist in Ireland and has never failed to successfully remediate  any oil pollution incident we have been called into.

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Products & Services

inspection of oil spill into water drainage system

Since 1997 Microclean has expanded its fields of expertise and offers full and comprehensive consultancy services as well as fully accredited oil remediation services

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